About Us

Small Batch Co. is Niagara's first and only raw, cold-pressed juice company, with a goal to offer a simple way to integrate plant-based health into a busy life. 

All of our juice is made by hand, using the best ingredients and local produce when available. We never compromise our products with pasteurization or high pressure processing (HPP).  

The result is a menu of delicious elixirs that fill you with natural energy. 


Along with juice, we also make 100% natural granola, free of any wheat, refined sugars, additives or preservatives. All of our granola blends are gluten-free, vegan and diabetic-friendly. 

Each tray of granola is carefully crafted to ensure that every bowl, handful or sprinkle of whole grain goodness is better than the last, because we believe that good things come in small batches.